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what is backlinks generator ?

Backlinks are the incoming links to your website. Backlinks help Google rankings and help with making backlinks free for websites. Making backlinks free can be difficult because at times you won't know who to credit a link towards. A site that makes creating backlinks free helps people in the world of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. I have been using a website called High DA Backlink. This website has helped me gain more traffic because it provides an easy way to create backlinks without cost or knowing who to credit a link too. It's very nice site which provide quality service and also gives its users 100% satisfaction guarantee for their service so there is no chance of being scammed from this site so you can use this site without any hesitation.

How Backlinks Help in Seo and Ranking .? 


Google is known for being the most powerful SE (search engine). It relies on backlinks for ranking pages high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Experts have conducted extensive research into the importance and benefits of backlinks. They found that more links to your site will improve your rank. You need to get more backlinks if you want your page rank to rise.

What are the benefits of these links? It allows Google robots to quickly crawl your website and search the content. Each time a bot finds a link to your website, it records the link in index database. Once they have found the link, they search for that content and then store those contents. The second factor is backlinks. They play an essential role in assessing your site's credibility. It is trustworthy if a site has many links coming in from well-known domains. Google uses the number incoming links as a measure of authority. Google wants quality websites so that users will choose them over others. It will identify keywords on every page and calculate your authority based on the number of websites linking to them. You can see that backlinks are crucial if you want search engine to rank your site high.

There are many different ways you can increase backlinks that point to your website. First, you must live up to your claims. Make sure your website is full of valuable information. Second, social media is a powerful tool that can be used to spread information. Social media websites can be used to share content from all over the Internet. The third option is backlink directories. This allows you to have more links pointed towards your site. If your site is useful and informative, users might want to link to it in order to allow other people to view what you have to say.

Importance of Quality Backlinks .? 

Backlinks used to be easy. Google would index your page as soon as you mention it in an email signature file, or on your blog.

These days are over as search engines are much better at detecting spammy linking. Nowadays, it is crucial to be selective when choosing which sites to build links with. Because backlinks of low quality can harm your website instead of helping it rank higher. Backlinks play a significant role in ranking pages as search engine algorithms use them to determine relevancy for specific webpages.

High-quality links are more valuable than dozens of low quality ones, since quality matters more than quantity.


If you give permission to others to link to your site, ensure they will adhere to the guidelines Google introduced in Penguin's update. Penguin is a Google algorithm to detect and penalize sites that have unnatural backlinks. Here are some helpful tips:

1) Links must be natural and placed in the appropriate areas on the page. To make sure that search engines find more backlinks, you don't pack your blog post with too many keywords.

2) The link text must be relevant and should not be generic such as "click Here" or "read More". This principle applies to any outgoing links you have from your site.

3) These links should open in another window or tab if it is possible, but not to download any files.

4) The linking webpage should have lots of relevant content, and incoming hyperlinks from other high quality sites.

5) The domain authority on the linking page should not be lower than that of the website it links to. Google calculates domain authority by looking at backlinks and the frequency with which users visit a particular site. Links from low-domain authority pages to high-domain authority pages will not be counted because most people prefer to visit sites that have high domain authority.

These guidelines can help you to build backlinks to your website that are effective without putting your site at risk.

The end result is that investing time in building high-quality backlinks is far more rewarding than trying for as many backlinks possible from every website or person that will hyperlink to you.


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How to Buil Backlinks Manually .? 

There are literally thousands online that explain how to make backlinks. This article will attempt to make the process simple and easy for you to follow. I'll start by covering some basic concepts. Next, I'll cover metrics, tools, tactics, and strategies for creating manual backlinks. Finally, I'll finish with advanced strategies.

I also covered this video in episode 27. You can hear me mention this again at around 1:52 if youre interested in skipping ahead or catching up with your transcript later.

Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback in the comment section. Thank you for reading!


(1) Gmail – IMO, Gmail is the best email client. Getting backlinks used to be easy. Google would index your website in days if your email signature included a mention of your page.

These days are over as search engines have improved their ability to detect spammy links. These days, you have to be very selective about the websites with which you build links. Low-quality backlinks can hurt your website's ranking and cause it to rank lower. Ranking pages is important because search engine algorithms use backlinks as one factor in determining relevancy to specific webpages.

A website may benefit more from having fewer low-quality backlinks than having hundreds of them.


You should not give your site to anyone or any company to place links on. Make sure that they adhere to the guidelines Google established in its Penguin update. Penguin is a Google algorithm to detect and penalize sites with spammy links. Here are some guidelines:

1) Links should appear naturally and be placed in the most relevant areas of the page. Don't try to pack as many keywords into a blog post as possible so the search engine can see more backlinks.

2) The link text must be relevant and should not be generic such as "click Here" or "read More". This rule applies to all outgoing links from your website.

3.) Links should be opened in new window or tab, if at all possible.

4) The linking pages should contain plenty of relevant content, as well as links to other high-quality sites.

5) Domain authority for the linking page should at least be equal to that of the website it is linking to. Google determines domain authority by counting the number of backlinks pointing to a specific website and the frequency with which they are visited. Linking to a low-domain authority website will not count, as most people would prefer to visit sites with high domain authorities if they could.

These guidelines can help you to build backlinks that will promote your site without Google's ire.

In the end it's worth investing in quality backlinks over trying to get all possible backlinks from any website or person that will link.


(2) Link research tools – Many link research tools are available, such as Majestic's Open Site Explorer (OSE) or Moz Majestic. You can try most of them for a free trial with limited functionality. This will give you a good idea of how the tools work and whether or not you would like to purchase. Many SEOs are able to use more tools than I mention here, as they have access to paid plans that allow them to do so.

But, those two should be enough if you just want a collection of free alternatives. These may also prove useful for your website, so you know what sites already link to it and which keywords get the most traffic.

It would be a good idea for you to keep track on the domains and pages with which you create backlinks. You can either use your browser's bookmarking feature or Excel to create notes.

To create backlinks to your website, go to the tool’s homepage and type in URL of the site you want to link to. If there is no subdomain (e.g., then the homepage is usually found at When you type that into the search field, hit return or "search", you will be able see a list containing all pages of that site that have outgoing link to your site.

Check out the most authoritative pages and domains to determine what kind backlinks these have. If possible, you should follow these links and study their content to be able create better or similar links for your backlinks. This is an excellent way to identify keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your website from people who know the subject.

If you are looking at a page, consider how useful its backlinks are in improving your website’s search engine rankings. Not just because an article has thousands upon thousands of backlinks, does that mean it's worth following? In fact, Google might interpret those signals as a sign that your site isn't trustworthy.

You might also have an opportunity if the backlinks to a page point to high-quality sites in your field but are few. It's possible the site has not had time to generate much inbound visitors. Perhaps it used to have a lot more links that were high quality, but bad press caused it to lose its domain authority score. There is no way to know without trying it. So start investigating now!

How to Build Backlinks with this tool .? 

Backlink Maker's unmatched complexity and amazing results may lead you to believe that it will be difficult to use. You'd be wrong to think otherwise.

The features and delivery speed of Backlink Maker are amazing, but it's also very simple to use. It is actually easy to use in just three steps.

Step #1: Get on this page ( where you are right now.

Step #2 - Please enter the URL for the website you are building backlinks from in the area provided.

Step 3. To make the magic happen, click on "Make Backlink".

Instantly, the tool will show you a complete list of relevant websites. It then starts automatically generating backlinks for the site from each of those sites.

If a backlink is successfully created, you'll see a green 'tick’ sign. If not, a RED 'x' sign will appear all under the column "Status".

Although the new backlinks will have an immediate impact on your ranking, they may not have an immediate impact. It is because search engines will take time for the changes to take effect in the search engines' databases. However, you will see an improvement in your search results after a while.