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  What is domain authoirty and why its Popular .?

The high quality of a website is often reflected in its Google ranking. The PageRank shown on the Google Search results page is one factor that contributes to the search engine's rankings, but there are many others that most people don't think about. One such factor is domain authority , something that has been built into the Google algorithm for years and was recently discovered by SEOs everywhere.

Domain authority (DA) is an estimate of how powerful and authoritative a website or web page is. It's important to understand what domain authority means and why it matters so you can start building your own online presence to improve your site's ability to rank.

What do I need? A way of checking DA: free online tools like Moz Toolbar or Alexa Rank Checker Another way of checking DA: Google Search Console - DA is included in the "Competitor Keywords" report

What do I need to do? Enter 2-3 competitor's website URLs into Moz Toolbar or Alexa Rank Checker Wait for the results of their DA calculation, look them up manually in one of the abovementioned tools If you have your competitors' website URLs, you can immediately check whether they are using any kind of SEO software/service which provides backlinks data . It's that simple

How does it work? While the exact criteria used by Google to calculate domain authority has not been released, some SEOs have developed an algorithmic estimation for this very purpose. This estimated metric is known as MozRank and was developed by Moz.

What does it mean? Domain authority is an important metric when analyzing domains in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Sites with high DA typically have more trust and authority than others in their same niche, so it's natural for their pages to rank higher than sites with low domain authority.

The aim of this article is to provide you with some basic insights on how to get started with checking domain authority, if you're interested in SEO or not. For those who are familiar with the term there are many free online tools that can indicate DA of your competitor. You can get it through Moz toolbar or Alexa Rank Checker , but there are also other ways like Google Search Console - is included in the "Competitor Keywords" report.

If you have your competitors' website URLs, you can immediately check whether they are using any kind of SEO software/service which provides backlinks data . Or trying to find a list of your competitor's backlinks. This way you will know what the "right" domain authority is for your site and how much effort it needs to achieve a higher one.

  How to Increase Domain Authoirty ?

Most marketers and amateurs always struggle with the question of how to increase their DA (domain authority) or PA (page authority). Usually after some time, they get tired and finally give up.

Most marketers already know that DA/PA is a ranking factor of Google, but there are just too many people who don't know how exactly it works. I will try to explain this so everyone can understand it better.

Note: This guide is for educational purposes only. Any actions taken based on the information below are at your own risk!

Let's start by saying what you should not do if want to increase your domain authority. There are thousands of websites online offering magic tricks which will skyrocket your DA overnight in less than an hour even if you don't rank for anything and nobody is visiting your website.

So, what exactly domain authority and page authority is? Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are two algorithms developed by MajesticSEO company which was bought by Google few years ago. These two metrics measure the power of a website on the Internet. So basically it measures how trusted, influential and powerful a site is among other sites on the Internet. Sites with high DA/PA are very profitable as they get more visitors from search engines, so this kind of websites should always be at top positions of SERPs (search engine result pages).

These metrics were built to allow SEO specialists to compare various domains' strength relative to one another or even measure their own website against their competitors. Both metrics are based on link data (where do the site's backlinks come from, who is linking to it), but they don't give equal weighting to all links.

Domain Authority and Page Authority values range from 0 to 100. There's no way to manipulate these metrics as they are calculated using different factors including anchor texts, backlinks profiles etc. These algorithms calculate DA/PA of each website by examining the most valuable pages of that site - so-called "A-list" members' content & backlink profiles only.

This means that you can increase your authority just by getting high trust and valuable backlinks with branded anchor texts pointing directly or indirectly at your most valuable pages


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